Patent administrative authorities in China


  • National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC (CNIPA) (formerly known as State Intellectual Property Office, PRC (SIPO) ), is responsible for patent matters nationwide, including, receiving and examining patent applications and granting patents in accordance with the patent law and regulations.

  • Municipal Intellectual Property Bureaus under the provincial-level local governments, are responsible for patent administration in their respective areas, including patent enforcement, settling patent disputes, as well as investigating and penalizing patent infringement actions administratively.>

  • The judicial system comprising intellectual property courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, intellectual property divisions of courts in provinces and provincial-level municipalities, and the intellectual property division of the supreme court of PRC, are responsible for settling disputes over Patent Reexamination Board’s decisions on patent applications and patent invalidations, and for handling patent infringement cases.

  • China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), may be designated by both parties in a patent service agreement for arbitration of any patent service dispute.