Our Values



Integrity means honesty and truthfulness in our words and actions, that our promises to the client with respect to quality and timing of our work are to be fulfilled, and that the maximum interests of the client are always kept in mind by us in our every action.


Maximizing profit is not our objective, and we only charge modest fees for our services


Maximizing values for the client within the limits of law

As a representative of the client, instead of that of the law or the general public, we always seek to achieve the maximum interests of the client within the uttermost boundary of the law.


Dedication and commitment

We are focused and consistent, and hence accountable and reliable, in providing patent services to the client.


Sense of professional honor

We do our work not only to earn a living, but also for the love of the work per se. Our actions are not purely determined by wishes and requirements of the client, but are also based on the rules, principles, standards and ethics of patent agency as a profession.


Spirit of craftsmanship

We believe that in the process of doing work and making it as perfect as possible, there lie happiness and meaning of life. We believe in the value of time and accumulation, and that spending the whole life or even generations to do one thing is worthwhile.