Patent Filing and Prosecution


We provide various patent application services, from drafting patent specifications, filing patent applications, responding to Office Actions and various notifications from the China Patent Office, filing reexamination requests with the China Patent Reexamination Board against rejection decisions, to paying patent maintenance fees on our client's behalf after a patent is granted.  

As is well known, in applying for a patent, numerous formality requirements (such as the formats of the patent description, claims, drawings and application form), as as as substantive requirements, such as novelty, inventive step, practicality, full disclosure and implementability, must be met. Further, in drafting and filing a patent application and in responding to office actions from the patent office, not only the numerous requirements should be met, so that the patent may be granted and solidly maintained, but also the protection scope of the patent should be accurate and as broad as possible, so that the applicant interest may be maximized.

In our 15 years's patent agency, we have achieved an extremely high grant ratio (roughly 98%) for our more than 2000 patent application cases. Through our thorough studying and understanding of the applications in question and related prior art techniques cited in the office actions, as well as our careful and logical reasoning, quite a number of seemingly impossible cases are rescued and finally allowed.