Our service fees:

 Ÿ Translation of patent specifications or other relevant documents between Chinese and English

             0.12 USD/word in the source language

 Ÿ Filing an application (or entering the Chinese national stage of a PCT application) with the Chinese patent office

            400 USD

 Ÿ Reporting and drafting a response to an office action (or reporting a rejection decision and drafting and filing a reexamination request) in connection with an invention patent application

            150 USD/hour (generally 5-6 hours or less for the first OA relating to substantive problems, less for subsequent OAs, and 1-2 hours for OAs relating only to formality problems)

 Ÿ Reporting and submitting various notifications, requests and responses between the patent office and the client, excluding simply forwarding a notification to the client without need to submit a response. 

            50 USD/transaction

Ÿ Reporting grant of a patent and forwarding the granted letters patent

            100 USD 

Ÿ Monitoring the status of a granted patent and paying annuities

            100 USD/year

Ÿ Drafting a patent specification in English

           2500 USD (<3000 words)

           3500 USD (3000-5000 words)

           5000 USD (5000-8000 words)

           6500 USD (8000-12000 words)

Ÿ Drawing based on a draft

          50 USD/figure


The official fees charged by China Patent Office:

Ÿ Filing

          900 RMB;

Ÿ Publication

          50 RMB;

Ÿ Addition fee for specification in excess of 30 pages, per page?

          50 RMB;

Ÿ Additional fee for claims in excess of 10, per claim

          150 RMB;

Ÿ Each priority claim

          80 RMB;

Ÿ Request for substantive examination

          2500 RMB;

Ÿ Request for reexamination

          1000 RMB

Ÿ Annuities

          900 (1st -3rd year)-8000 (16th -20th year)